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  • Mission


    The Saïdia Development Company “SDS” was created in 2011 to reposition and breathe new life into the Saïdia resort.

    It is responsible for meeting several challenges, including upgrading the resort's infrastructure (roads, sanitation), refocusing around a core of life (golf, marina, medina and seafront), increasing capacity reception and raising the level of services and tourist activities in accordance with international standards. 

  • Mission

    Created in July 2011, the Société d'Aménagement et de Promotion de la Station de Taghazout (SAPST) is dedicated to the planning, development, marketing and management of the Taghazout Bay resort.

    Located near Agadir, Taghazout Bay is a tourist resort which occupies an essential place in the Plan Azur and in the tourism development strategy "Vision 2020". Designed according to an integrated and sustainable approach, the Resort is made up of high-end hotel, tourist and residential complexes.

  • Mission

    SOTHERMY, a 98.5% subsidiary of Madaëf, is responsible for the development and management of the Moulay Yacoub Spa Resort, the most famous in the Kingdom.

    The resort, located near Fez, offers various activities related to Health Tourism and thermal cures.

    Through its subsidiary COTHERMY, the company has developed the Vichy Thermalia Moulay Yacoub hotel, operational since June 2018 in partnership with Vichy Spa International.

  • Mission

    Result of a partnership between Madaëf (45.1%), the Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering (9.9%) and Akwa Group (45%), the Moroccan Society for the Valorization of Kasbahs "SMVK" works for the development of Moroccan architectural heritage.

    SMVK's mission is to rehabilitate kasbahs with a particular architectural character due to their location, their environment, their initial vocation and their history, as well as their development and conversion into luxury accommodation structures, or sites of entertainment (restaurants, museums, etc.).

  • Mission

    Historical player in hotel management, Hotels and Resorts of Morocco “HRM” has been working since its creation in 1977 to offer a wide choice of hotels throughout Morocco.

    HRM currently manages a fleet of 15 budget to medium-range hotels in Morocco, owned by Madaëf and managed companies, with a total capacity of 1,727 keys spread over 11 cities in the Kingdom.

    HRM also manages summertime centers on behalf of national institutions.

  • Mission

    Madaëf Golfs, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Madaëf, was set up in 2018 in response to the CDG Group's desire to create a unique business structure for the management of its golf park.

    Madaëf Golfs's mission is to bring together the operation of all the Group's golf courses, thus making it possible to develop Group expertise in golf course management, to improve the profitability of the golf portfolio through better rationalization of costs and processes and better synergy and improve the performance of assets through the pooling of promotion and marketing actions.