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At the multilateral level

 Faced with the regional and international economic and financial challenges and issues that characterize the growing globalization of markets, the “Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion” Group is strongly and actively engaged in the mode of inter-institutional cooperation for better coordination of positions and above all for good overall consistency and complementarity in actions.
Multilateral is therefore a fundamental pillar of the international action of the CDG Group. It is an important strategic mechanism for establishing constructive and fruitful relationships for the Group's businesses. This results in close cooperation with various multilateral bodies, mainly:

Rayonnement à l'international

CDG Group is also a partner of several multilateral donors pursuing similar objectives in line with the spirit and values of the Group.

At the bilateral level

Bilateral cooperation revolves around two fundamental axes of a horizontal nature:

Institutional support

Selected as a priority axis of the international bilateral action of the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion Group on two key subjects:

  • The "Caisse de Dépôt" business model: a unique long-term financial instrument acting around a structuring dual mission, the mobilization and transformation of savings in the service of growth and development
  • The “RCAR Retirement System” model which is a benchmark in Africa

In this regard, the CDG Group has launched various initiatives, mainly:

  • The “CDG International Program for Africa”, A Platform intended for financial and social institutions of the African Continent (since 2017) whose objective is to create a framework for meetings, consultation, and exchange between economic and financial actors of the African continent and carry out an information campaign on the “Caisse de Dépôt” economic model as a tool for collecting, managing and transforming savings in the service of development and prosperity.
  • The “Forum des Retraites” which is an unmissable event for African Retirement Funds


Based on common interests and the desire to achieve sustainable development.

In Africa

The Group's long-term vision places cooperation with the African continent as a priority. Through the public establishment, but also the business subsidiaries Novec, SCR and MedZ, the CDG Group places its expertise and know-how at the disposal of the African “Caisses de Dépôt” and all other institutions sharing the same interests. with a view to collaboration based on an integrated approach to sustainability and performance.

Opening to Europe

Europe, a historical and natural geographic partner of the Kingdom of Morocco, constitutes an important space for exchange and openness for the businesses of the CDG Group. Various agreements have been concluded in this direction with European partners including Caisses de Dépôts, Development Banks, Financial Institutions or Donors ...

Mena region

A major axis of the CDG Group's external strategy, the MENA region is a diversified space with significant economic potential. In recent years, the CDG Group has been strengthening its actions with the economic players in this region, mainly with pension funds, long-term investors and sovereign funds, on various subjects of common interest.