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Rethinking the social and solidarity economy in Morocco

For more than 50 years, the question of social and solidarity economy (SSE) has been treated several times
in Morocco. Today, this theme is more relevant than ever since it is considered by the new development
model report as a central pillar which allows economic activity to be oriented towards practices responsible
for the environment and the society. Indeed, the development of social and solidarity economy allows the
enhancement of territories and contributes to the creation of jobs through the integration of people in
precarious situations.
Aware of the importance of this theme, CDG Group Institute has organized, on November 8, 2022, a webinar
"Rethinking the social and solidarity economy in Morocco".
This webinar was attended by:
• Sanaë Alami Afilal, Coordinator of OTED work
• Bouchra Rahmouni, head of Social Innovation lab - UM6P
• Amina Kchirid, Teacher-researcher and President of CIRA-ESS
• Ahmed Benabadji, Transilience Institute’s founder and President of the "Open Village" association

Download the Press release (143.97 KB)