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CDG Prévoyance

Led by CDG Prévoyance, the Prévoyance branch of the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion embodies its vocation as a trusted third party and ensures the administrative, technical and financial management of two organizations: the Caisse Nationale de Retraites et d'Assurances (CNRA) and the Régime Collectif d’Allocation de Retraite (RCAR)  and consequently, 151 billion dirhams of reserves corresponding to more than 20 pension schemes and provident funds, characterized by great diversity in terms of population, architecture and type of service.

In order to fulfill this mission, CDG Prévoyance, a global and integrated operator, relies on good governance mechanisms, a modern organizational platform, an agile and extensible information system and qualified human capital to serve more than 1 million citizens. .

On the strength of its know-how, CDG is positioned as an actor and an essential contributor in the national reflection on pension reform. Through an ambitious strategy, it intends to play a major role in the development of provident insurance in Morocco, to support the development of the retirement activity by opening it up to categories of the population hitherto excluded and to strengthen its intervention in the management of pensions. existing pension plans.

  • Mission

    The Régime Collectif d’Allocation de Retraite (RCAR) is a social welfare institution endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy, created by the Dahir on law n ° 1-77-216 of October 4, 1977 and managed by the Deposit and Management.

    The purpose of the RCAR is to guarantee personal rights for the benefit of the member or his successors in respect of the risks of old age, disability, and death. To fulfill this mission, the RCAR is made up of a general scheme and a complementary scheme. The main rights guaranteed by RCAR are retirement, disability or death pensions, savings, family allowances and transfer of rights.

  • Mission

    The Caisse Nationale de Retraites et d’Assurances (CNRA) is a public establishment managed by the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion through CDG Prévoyance. It operates in the areas of annuity management that it serves in compensation for work and traffic accidents. It also offers targeted retirement product offers and manages retirement and solidarity funds on behalf of the State. The CNRA also has an authorization allowing it to offer life insurance and capitalization products.