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Filiale CDG. Groupe CDG Maroc. Maroc economie. Caisse de Depot & de Gestion Maroc.Mr. Anas Houir ALAMI, CEO


CDG Group’s achievements in the year 2013 have validated the firm foundations of our economic structure, the wisdom of our strategies and the quality of work performed by all our teams when carrying out the Group’s contracts.

These results are all the more satisfactory considering the context of the year 2013, when the world economy was still in a state of transition and subject to disturbances and upheavals:

  • Slow-down of growth and pressure on the currencies of emerging nations.
  • Rather tentative steps towards recovery of the euro zone, but uncertainties weighing down the countries of southern Europe that are still struggling against their difficulties.

As for Morocco, the year 2013 has been mixed, registering improved overall growth in economic activity, and an overall increase in agricultural production, despite a decline in the pace of growth in non-agricultural activities.

Nevertheless, CDG Group remains faithful to its mission and rigorous adherence to its commitments: continuing profits and financial performance in attracting and managing savings, energy and investment in the service of Morocco’s economic development.

CDG Group continued to advance in 2013, and is becoming more expert and efficient in all its activities year by year. Simply said, in 2013 profits were just waiting to be made.

  • Sharp increase of almost 24% in the Company’s net profits, and consolidated profit remained at the same level as in 2012.
  • Strong growth in deposits collected by the state institution (+13,6%) giving an increase of nearly 10% to the Group’s total assets.

Strategic progress achieved:

  • For the Group’s planned strategy Oufoq 2015, 2013 was a pivotal year with attainment of the results expected and accelerated deployment of our planned strategies, together creating a sustained rhythm of performance over the whole program.
  • CDG Group operates a strategic plan consisting of more than 50 substantial active projects worth, between 2010 and 2030, the sum of 235 billion dirhams in direct investment and capable of providing 250,000 long-term jobs.


In 2013, CDG Group set out to reform its internal system of governance by adopting a Charter of Governance and creating 6 new governing bodies for monitoring and decision-making, enabling CDG to employ the same high standards and most modern practices of company management.

CDG Group now holds an unmatchable portfolio of Moroccan enterprises; savings and pensions management, insurance, investment banking, retail banking, city planning, real estate, tourism, support for local communities, infrastructure, civil engineering, sourcing, the knowledge economy, etc… All this was only possible thanks to the total involvement, constant commitment and complete devotion of the Group’s employees working together to create CDG Group’s vision “a group in action for a country in motion”; with everyone taking great pride in playing their part in the creation and maintenance of dynamic progress that make a large contribution to the aims of developing our country.