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MEDZ: Participation in the 10th International Moroccan Agricultural Show (SIAM)

MEDZ, the Moroccan leader in the development and management of business parks for industry, offshoring and tourism, participated as sponsor in the 10th Salon International de l’Agriculture au Maroc (International Moroccan Agricultural Show), which took place from 28 April to 3 May 2015 in Meknès with the general theme of Agriculture and Food Systems.

SIAM is a must for professionals in the agriculture and agri-food sectors to attend, and for MEDZ it was the favoured choice for business meetings and exchanges with its institutional partners, its clients and its business prospects. MEDZ showcased its various products, particularly its three agricultural centres, “agropoles”, Agropolis Meknès and the Berkane and Agadir agropoles, for major industries, SMEs and very small enterprises both domestic and international.

The presence of MEDZ at SIAM was high-visibility this year thanks to a series of communication actions that raised its profile: the launch of several campaigns (in the form of printed and electronic material, and e-mailing), enhancing the attractiveness of the stand, public and media relations, presentation of the website, and so on. In addition, MEDZ welcomed a 50-strong delegation of business leaders from Catalonia, Italy and France to the Agropolis site. The delegation members had the opportunity to visit the industrial park and see for themselves the infrastructure that had been put in place, and how far along the industrial units were towards completion. After their site visit, they gathered at the MEDZ stand for a presentation on the other MEDZ projects.

MEDZ’ assessment of its participation in SIAM is a positive one, as the event enabled it to extend its outreach, promote its projects among Moroccan and other visitors to the event, and to go out and meet its clientele, its partners and its prospects.

Moreover, in the margins of Audience Agriculture held on 27 April 2015, CDG Development, represented by its Chairman Abdellatif Zaghnoun, signed the agreement to establish Agropolis Agadir within Haliopolis Park, which was developed by MEDZ, with the following parties: the Ministry of the Interior; the Ministry of Economy and Finance; the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries; the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy; the Wali of the Souss Massa Drâa Region; the Chairman of the Souss Massa Drâa Regional Council; and the Chairman of Drarga Rural Commune.