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MEDZ: Information day at Technopolis Oujda

On 7 May 2015, in partnership with the Wilaya and Regional Investment Centre (CRI) of the Eastern Region, MEDZ held a breakfast debate at Technopolis Oujda, an integrated industrial platform 12 km from Oujda city itself and near Oujda Angad Airport.

Participants in the event included Mr. Mohammed Mhidia, Wali of the Eastern Region; Mr. Ali Belhaj, Chairman of the Regional Council; Mr. Mohammed Mbarki, Director-General of the Agence de l'Oriental, the Eastern Region Development Agency; and Mr. Omar Elyazghi, Chairman of the MEDZ Board of Directors. Also present as participants were the partners of MEDZ, developer of the project; Technopolis clients; local industrialists and developers; the financial institutions involved; regional parliamentarians and other elected officials; and the media.

A presentation was given of the commercial and development situations of Technopolis Oujda, with some promising results to show:

  • Number of projects marketed: 40;
  • Total area marketed: 16.4 ha;
  • Units in operation or under construction: 19;
  • Take-up rate: 24%;
  • Types of business activity on the site: Renewable energy and energy efficiency, Metal industry, Vehicle showrooms, Domestic electrical appliances and paint, Mechanical engineering, Woodworking, metalworking (aluminium) milling of other materials (PVC), Quality control laboratory, Agro-industry.

A presentation on the Knowledge Campus was then given. The inclusion of the Campus in the Technopolis project should be seen in the context of improving the business environment for companies by providing them with a high-quality training and R&D infrastructure that will help them enhance their competitiveness. With the Knowledge Campus, MEDZ and its partners have set themselves the ambitious goal of making Technopolis Oujda a real centre of excellence just as quickly as may be. A representative of the Regional Investment Centre gave a presentation on the types of assistance the industrialists could expect, and on the project bank that the Centre had designed.

It should also be noted that on the sidelines of the event, two new agreements were signed for the allotment of land in the Technopolis for showrooms: one for Hyundai, and one for the Volvo and Renault Trucks concessions.