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CDG’s HR policy and managed organizations (CNRA/RCAR)

Massar, the HR management system

Capital humain. La CDG veille à recruter les meilleurs talents & a mis en place des outils RH modernes afin d’accompagner ses collaborateurs et répondre aux ...


CDG has established the norms and principles governing HR management in the Group and strengthening the professionalization of HR practice.

It is with this in view that CDG has defined its HR policy, strengthening historical values and linking them to innovative objectives.

Massar was defined as being in continuity and consistent with this HR policy:

  • Fair, flexible, reasonable, dynamic and rooted to its professions.
  • Placing the HR function as Business Partner.
  • Strengthening fairness and visibility in development and career perspectives.

CDG is now able to offer every one of its employees:

  • Direct contribution to the economic expansion of the country.
  • Participation in grandiose, highly visible projects.
  • A range of very fine professions, rich and diverse careers.
  • Competitive remuneration linked to high job security.
  • Stimulating and comfortable working environment.



Pathways to CDG

Since human capital is at the core of its development strategy CDG has installed HR tools adapted to assist its employees and designed to satisfy their highest expectations :

  • Recruitment

    CDG aims to hire the best talent possessing qualities that will enable them to participate in the development of the Group. A recruitment plan is drawn up every year in accordance with the requirements for each sector and settled beforehand to comply with annual budget, volume and annual action plan.

    The hiring process is composed of several structured steps and is adapted to the nature of the job, in order to ensure the best balance between the job and the candidate’s profile. This process is carried out under rules of transparency and equity so as to ensure equality of opportunity between candidates and to assess their abilities in as objective a manner as possible.

    Lists of positions to be filled are widely distributed and broadcast over several channels. You have the possibility of depositing your candidacy directly on this site at the heading ‘contact us’, by replying to a job offer directly if it matches your profile or by making an unsolicited application. Our recruiters will process your application as soon as they can.

  • Integration

    In order to fulfil the expectations of new employees, CDG has set up a system of integration to support its new employees during their early days at the company and enable them to adapt more easily. This program includes not only literature intended as a guide for new employees, but provides continuous monitoring during their first 6 months at CDG through seminars and meetings in order to familiarize them with the business, the values and the culture of the Group.

  • Performance assessment

    CDG places the loyalty of its employees at the heart of its HR strategy, so that the talents of its recruits can build the career that is best for them as well as for the Group’s development strategy.

    To ensure transparency of development within CDG an assessment and progress interview is held each year. Rather than being just a time for assessing the previous year’s performance, this meeting between the employee and his manager is an opportunity to define the next year’s path of progress (skills, objectives, training, career potential and mobility). This system enables the creation of a personal development plan adapted to his needs and ambitions.

  • Training

    CDG considers training an important measure of support to preserve the employability of its staff and develop all the skills needed to maintain them in full control of their positions.

    The various training programs offered are to help in their personal and professional development, and these occur throughout the year. These programs are regularly updated as a back-up to the development of the employees’ practical work and their wishes.

  • Mobility and career management

    CDG encourages mobility within the Group – for several reasons:

    • Development of individuals through acquisition of new skills and responsibilities ;
    • Discovery of new professional experiences ;
    • Adaptation to the Group’s initiatives ;
    • Motivation and enrichment of skills available within the Group.

The main encouragement to individual and collective development, internal mobility, is at the centre of the concerns of the Group’s Human Resources and Culture team.


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