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CDG Institute: Organization of a day under the theme ’Challenges to implementing energy efficiency’.

In collaboration with the CDC Research Institute, CDG Institute on Thursday, January 9, 2014 organized a conference on the theme ‘Challenges to implementing energy efficiency’.

Opening the Conference, Ms Mounira JAIDI, Director of the Institute CDG recalled that this meeting was a stage in the discussion started almost a year ago with Al Omran and Novec, when a workshop was organized with partners on the theme "Energy Efficiency in Buildings: building national expertise." This workshop brought together several professions (academics, developers, FNPI, urban agencies, public authorities, ADEREE, architects,etc.) and enabled exchanges of views on the situation and the challenges to energy efficiency in buildings in Morocco, and lines of approach and recommendations to be formulated. The sum of these exchanges was collected in a booklet distributed to participants at the conference.

The objective is to continue the discussion around this issue that concerns all operators in the sector in Morocco. In the light of the conclusions of the workshop, the two Institutes CDC and CDG invited Mr. Frank Hovorka, director of sustainable real estate projects, Director of steering strategy, sustainable development and studies, Caisse des Dépôts (France) and Mr. Claude de Miras, Economist, Director of Research at the Institute of Research for Development-IRD-(Marseille). Mr. F. Hovorka illustrated his remarks based on the European experience. Unlike Morocco, the problem today is not related to expertise in energy efficiency, which is highly developed, but in optimizing the use of this know-how to avoid consumption of additional energy (particularly in transportation). However, energy efficiency should be designed as part of a comprehensive approach to the problem of urban planning. At this level, integrated governance can make substantial savings.

Claude de MIRAS, in his speech, highlighted the issues related to local governance, particularly in Greater Casablanca, where energy is a concern. Indeed, most of the population growth of the city lies on the periphery (Médiouna, Nouacer, etc..), and therefore it is necessary to provide services (water, sanitation and electricity) to centres which are increasingly distant from the city’s drinking water network. The metropolis of Casablanca will undergo the development of 20,000 ha. by 2030 - or double the present amount. This therefore raises the issue of sanitation and connection to electricity and drinking water of the city, knowing that these new urban areas will be further away from the potable water supply lines.

Isabelle Laudier, Scientific Officer of CDC Research Institute, Caisse des Dépôts (France) closed the proceedings of the morning with a brief presentation of the aims of her institute of the work done with CDG Institute as well as research work financed by the CDC Institute for Research, particularly in connection with issues related to energy efficiency.