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SDS : Workshop for Saidia travel agents/hoteliers

As part of the annual agreement on joint tourist promotion and development activities for Saidia in 2015, the Moroccan National Tourism Board and the Saidia Development Corporation (Société de Développement Saïdia - SDS), in partnership with the National Tourism Confederation, held a workshop for Saidia’s travel agents and hoteliers at the Hotel Kenzi Tower in Casablanca on Tuesday 19 May last year.

Chaired by Mr. Mohamed Setti, several of the institutions and major players in the region took part :

  • National Tourism Confederation,
  • Eastern (Oriental) Province Agency,
  • Berkane Provincial Tourism Council,
  • Moroccan Tourism Board,
  • SDS.

Besides aiming to promote domestic tourism, this workshop was also an opportunity to show these agencies and institutions the achievements and ongoing developments in the resort, as well as the potential of its hinterland. The themes that were discussed during this meeting were as follows :

  • Saidia and its hinterland,
  • Activities and sports in the hinterland,
  • Resort of Saidia : current situation and prospects,
  • Promotion planned for the destination.

B2B meetings followed, allowing hoteliers to present their products and offers to travel agencies.

This workshop was a real opportunity to create a close relationship between the different players in the Oriental region and will be followed by a Eductour to Saidia in order to promote the whole resort and its hinterland.