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Novec : Creation of Novec Mauritanie

On 9 July 2014, Novec received approval from the Ministry of Economy and Finance by decree to create the company Novec Mauritanie-SAS.

Novec Mauritanie - SAS is the culmination of the process begun in 2013 and followed the signing of a memorandum of intent on 20 November 2013 between Mr. Ahmed Ould Moulaye Ahmed, CEO of the Caisse des Dépôts et de Développement (CDD – Development Bank) of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and Mr. Taoufiq Marzouki Zerouali, CEO of Novec; this event was presided by Mr. Houir Alami, CEO of CDG.

The new subsidiary, Novec Mauritanie – SAS, is owned 49% by Novec and 51% by CDD Mauritania.