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MEDZ Sourcing : Visit by diplomats to the Casanearshore industrial park

An important diplomatic delegation led by Diplomatica Foundation and consisting of more than forty foreign ambassadors visited Casanearshore Park on January 13, 2015. The delegation was received by the Park Authority for a detailed presentation and a guided tour of the site.

Mr. Abderrafie Hanouf, Management Board member of MEDZ and CEO of MEDZ Sourcing, presented the Offshoring sector of Morocco, its aims, its statistics, its socio-economic impact and its plan of Vision 2020 now being finalized. He also stressed the role of industrial parks such as MEDZ Casanearshore in the creation of the sector and the importance they now have in the development of destination Morocco.

At the end of the visit, the delegation welcomed the extent of the investments made and the quality of the infrastructure developed by the CDG Group to support the offshoring industry. Members also expressed their astonishment at the results achieved and the developments proposed.