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MedZ Sourcing : Participation at the 1st Symposium “Fiber Optics and Smart Buildings”

MedZ Sourcing, a subsidiary of MEDZ, CDG Group, participated in the 1st Symposium "Fiber Optics and Smart Buildings" on October 20, 2015. Mr. Houssam El Alami, Director of Support, spoke at a round table discussion attended by senior officials from DGCL, Hua wei and local professionals. After presenting the aims of MedZ Sourcing and the makeup of the fifteen business parks it manages that contain more than 300,000m2 of professional offices and cover 1,500 Ha, Mr. El Alami emphasized the innovative character of these zones, including telecom services based on the exclusive deployment of optical fiber. The contribution of MedZ Sourcing as a sponsor of this event shows its desire to popularize the use of very high speed in commercial zones and real estate complexes and strengthen its presence in promoting ‘smart’ cities.