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MEDZ : Participation in the Gartner Summit

As part of its commercial action plan and its efforts to promote Moroccan offshoring, the MEDZ subsidiary of CDG Group took part in the Sourcing and Vendor Relationship Strategic Summit on 1-2 June 2015 in London.

MEDZ, as a Silver sponsor, participated to this world conference organized by Gartner, a leading global strategic consulting firm and visionary in outsourcing. "The summit this year attracted more than 500 policy makers, service providers and contractors, and therefore offered us a good opportunity to show the value we represent in the areas of offshoring and new technologies to many participants in B2B as well as to Gartner analysts. An opportunity also to further strengthen our partnership with Gartner who has presented Morocco to participants as a destination that matters in near-shoring", said Abderrafie Hanouf, CEO of MEDZ Sourcing and Member of the board of MEDZ.

This year’s show was also marked by the growing interest of Indian leaders who began to see in Morocco a potential platform for attacking the European market.