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MEDZ : Inauguration of the Acticall Group’s offices at Fez Shore

On 13 October 2015, MEDZ in partnership with the French group Acticall, No. 4 worldwide customer services, hosted the opening ceremony of its new offices at Fez Shore. The site, with an area of 2000 m², now has some 170 employees, and will reach nearly 500 employees by the end of 2016. The inauguration ceremony was held in the presence of Mohamed Dardouri, Wali of the region of Fez-Meknes, Mr. Mohand Laenser, Chairman of the region of Fez-Meknes, Mr. Abderrafie Hanouf, CEO of MEDZ Sourcing and Member of the Board of MEDZ, Laurent Uberti Chairman and founding partner of Acticall Group, as well as numerous government representatives and several business and offshoring professionals.

On this occasion, Mr. Hanouf sincerely thanked the leaders of Acticall Group for believing in the platform of Fez and for the trust they continue to showMEDZ and CDG Group. He also paid tribute to the role of local authorities in the success of the project. Mr. Hanouf then recalled the efforts of MEDZ to make available to its customers an infrastructure of international standard and quality support services. He also emphasized the attractive environment offered by Fez Shore and the benefits of its location in a region with an abundant and skilled labor pool. Mr. Hanouf then explained the role that the platform of Fez will play in the consolidation of socio-economic development of the region and in becoming fully part of the process of advanced regionalization. For him, the arrival of Acticall group will also place the platform on the global radar, alongside two other links in the chain of the MEDZ park system : Casanearshore and Technopolis. This will consolidate the position of Morocco and strengthen its competitiveness. For his part, Mr. Uberti, Chairman of Acticall, began by thanking the local authorities for their support and MEDZ for its decisive contribution to the success of the new plant in Fez Shore, which, according to him, is showing remarkable results. He then recalled the genesis of the Group and its expansion: 4th worldwide with 70,000 employees, € 1.5 billion, operations in 22 countries, customer service in 40 languages,...

After the official opening of the Acticall offices, a press conference was held by Mr. Uberti and Mr. Hanouf. In front of about 15 journalists, the two businessmen answered questions on:

  • Competitive factors of MEDZ parks
  • Competitiveness of the Fez Shore site
  • Acticall investments in Morocco
  • MEDZ’s investments to support the offshoring sector
  • International competition facing Morocco
  • Upgrading the value of Morocco’s offerings
  • Competition from sub-Saharan countries

At the end of the briefing, both MEDZ and Acticall reiterated their desire to maintain their trust and to strengthen their partnership in a win-win situation.