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  • Mission

    Founded in 1960, the Société Centrale de Réassurance (SCR) is an all-branch reinsurance company, benefiting from the State guarantee and having confirmed its positioning as a benchmark reinsurer in Morocco and as a leading and reliable partner in Morocco. African scale and the Middle East.

    The SCR also plays the role of institutional investor by participating in the conservation of premiums at the national level and in the mobilization of savings in the country's economy.

    Thanks to its experience, expertise and perfect knowledge of international reinsurance markets, SCR protects the Moroccan market from international turbulence in terms of reinsurance conditions.

    SCR manages a portfolio of 300 clients and operates in more than 50 countries, notably in Africa and the Middle East as well as in India, China and Pakistan. She worked on the creation of regional companies such as the Arab Reinsurance Company and the African Reinsurance Company.

    The SCR has put in place a new 2021-2023 Transformation Plan "WE: Transform Tomorrow Together", based on 4 Pillars (Growth, business and profitability; Digital transformation & Operational excellence; Control and strengthening of the solvency margin; Culture of company & Employer Brand) and 8 Axes, aimed at strengthening its positioning at national and international level.