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Finéa : Participation in the Forum of SME and partners

As part of the first "Forum of SME and partners", organized in partnership with the CRI of Grand Casablanca on 11 & 12 December 2014 at the Casablanca International Fair, Finea marked its presence by exhibiting its products and services at its own section of a shared stand.

With the large attendance by SME and VPE, firstly in search of support, help and practical solutions to their development, as well as partners and stakeholders, and secondly to promote structural programs and adequate measures to accompany this entrepreneurial fabric, the Business Forum was a platform for exchanges marked by the participation of Finea as an SME financing partner and one that could facilitate access to finance and public and private contracts.

This forum, which recorded a crowd of visitors of more than 4,800 business leaders, enabled Finea to meet SME and present its offers of financing and provide adequate solutions to questions of funding to help in finishing their public or private contracts and to facilitate greater access to public procurement.

Participation in the SME Forum is a new initiative by Finea in the service of SME, and listening, advising and supporting them towards a successful outcome.