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Finéa : Finéa gains ISO 9001 certification for all its activities

Finéa, a subsidiary of the CDG Group, won ISO 9001 certification for all its activities, after Bureau Veritas, the world leader in certification, had audited them all.

The certification covers all Finéa’s activities:

  • Company financing ;
  • Refinancing ;
  • Guarantees.

The award of ISO 9001 certification is a further recognition of CDG Group’s activities, through its Finéa subsidiary, towards the development of Moroccan companies, SMEs and VSEs in particular, marks the achievement of a process of transformation and continuous improvement of the institution in accordance with its 2013–2017 strategic development plan.

Finéa’s ISO 9001 certification for all its activities aims, among other things, to further strengthen and harmonize all the institution’s processes to the benefit of its stakeholders and client base, in particular by providing them with personalized products and services and a service offering that is up to their expectations, all with the high levels of quality, fairness, diligence and professionalism to which they are used. ISO 9001 certification is intended to help ensure the institution’s longevity and sound operational performance.

With its ISO 9001 certification and in accordance with its purpose and vision, Finéa is more than ever, acting on its stated goal of expanding businesses’ access to financing.