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The "Facility Management & Account Management Pole" brings together subsidiaries that are levers for accelerating the development of the CDG Group.
It encompasses the areas of facility management, property management and account management.


  • Mission

    Xperis Services carries out the Facility and Property Management activities of the CDG Group's Territorial Development branch. It aims to contribute to the creation of value for public and private operators by allowing them to focus on their core business. The company positions itself as a reference actor, expert and innovator at the service of its clients. Its mission is to help its clients optimise the management of their resources, to implement an expertise as well as a segmented and diversified competitive multi-service offer, to deploy a sustainable customer experience that takes into account the evolution of the economic and social environment with a strong impact on value creation and to develop innovative service lines adapted to the needs of clients.

  • Mission

    Exprom Facilities is positioned as a leader in the field of Facility Management and is a single point of contact for a set of services on behalf of clients, whether for commercial premises, offices, airports, bank branches, sports centers, residential real estate or tourist residences, hotels, libraries or universities.

    The services offered by Exprom Facilities include both multi-technical aspects (all technical services relating to the equipment of buildings with fluids and networks), multi-services (services related to the building environment and general services) that the piloting of the aforementioned activities including energy efficiency, the overall management of services to real estate and its occupants, assistance with project management and pre-operation of a site. The company operates across the kingdom and at more than 2,200 locations.

  • Mission

    Casablanca Baia (formerly Casa Development) is a Local Development Company (LDS) with capital from the city of Casablanca. Its mission is to carry out projects aimed at the economic and social development of the economic capital. As such, the Council of the Urban Municipality of Casablanca has notably entrusted Casablanca Baia with the management and operation of paid parking at the level of the territory of the Municipality.

    Through this mission, the targeted objectives relate to the contribution to:

    • Improvement of traffic and driving conditions at the level of axes with high traffic density.
    • The increase, or even the maintenance, of the attractiveness of areas with strong economic, commercial, service and leisure activities in the city of Casablanca
    • Improving the tax revenue of the Municipality of Casablanca.