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Exprom : Launch of the new website

Exprom Facilities and its Vigiprom subsidiary will open their new website that will be working from 30 December 2014. The complete overhaul has been oriented towards the production of quality information and simplifying access to data produced by Exprom Facilities and its Vigiprom subsidiary; with the objective of enhancing the reputation of both companies for their customers and all of their stakeholders.

This new professional portal, by adopting the latest trends and web technologies, uses a technology called "Responsive Design" and better meets the needs of web users by offering:

  • A well-structured tree, thus promoting easier browsing.
  • Opportunity for job seekers to apply online.
  • Compatibility with different platforms and mobile devices, allowing easy and quick access to information.
  • Helpful browsing enabling a better appreciation of its business, its operations and its customers.

We invite you to visit the website at: and

Good browsing.