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Espace Expressions: Carte Blanche to Hassan BOURKIA 30 January to 15 March 2014

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of CDG Expressions, the CDG Foundation repeated for the fourth consecutive year the Carte Blanche concept, a sign of loyalty to the principles of exhibitions from an artistic standpoint, but also the very favorable expression of appreciation in relation to this concept brought since its inception in 2010 to the CDG Group Art Gallery by artists with a well-established reputation.

After Fouad BELLAMINE, Mahi Binebine and Mehdi Qotbi, this year the teacher, writer and artist Hassan BOURKIA took over to support the CDG Foundation with this wonderful experience of Carte Blanche in which he highlighted the artists Maria KABBAJ, Amina REZKI, Yasmina Ziyat, Nabil BOUDARQA, M'barek BOUHCHICHI, Noureddine Daifallah, Abderrahim Iqbi, artists whom BOURKIA has been following in recent years, and has now chosen to have with him in leading this exhibition through around 40 carefully selected artworks.

Originality and great maturity were to be seen at this artistic event that CDG Foundation and artist-sponsor offered to the general public on Thursday, January 30. At the opening of this exhibition, a host of personalities from the world of art and politics were present, including Mr. Ludovic POUILLE Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of France in Rabat, Mr. Abdeslam Aboudrar, President of the Central Anti-Corruption Authority, Amina Figuigui, Director General of the National Board of Fisheries, Mr Tajeddine BADDOU, former Ambassador of Morocco to Rome, Mr. Mohamed DRIEF, former Wali of the region of Greater Casablanca, Mr. Said Laftit, Secretary General of the CDG Group, Mr. Lotfi M'RINI, Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, several directors of CDG and more than 700 other guests.