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CDG Foundation: Sponsorship of the 4th edition of the Festival of Moroccan Sports Reporters

As a sponsor since 2012 of the “Festival of Moroccan Sports Reporters” - an annual event dedicated the best athletes of the year and promoting sports journalists and photographers while paying tribute to veterans of the sports press and its former executives - CDG Foundation had the honor to attend the awards ceremony which took place on Wednesday 29 January 2014 at the Théâtre National Mohammed V in Rabat.

This ceremony was firstly an opportunity to pay tribute to the pioneers of national sports journalism and to the national professional Abdellah Settati, and to salute the historic achievement of Raja Casablanca at the FIFA Champion Clubs Football World Cup, and secondly, to award prizes to the two best athletes in 2013 (men and women) and reward the winners of the 4th Festival of Moroccan sports reporters.

In the presence of many sports personalities and representatives of CDG Group, two trophies and five prizes were awarded:

  • Trophy for Best Sportsman of the Year 2013 to Mehdi Benatia;
  • Trophy for Best Sportswoman of the Year 2013 to Ms Maha Haddioui;
  • "Golden Pen" Prize for Best Reporting (Newspapers) awarded to Mr. Monaim Belamkadem (Al Mountakhab);
  • "Golden Microphone" Prize for Best TV Reporting again to Mr. Soufiane Rashidi (Arryadia TV Channel);
  • "Golden Microphone" Prize for Best Radio Reporting awarded to the host of the Radio March Lino Bacco;
  • Prize for "Best Sports Photo of the Year 2013" awarded to Noureddine Belhoucine (Rissalat Al Umma) and Samir Kriem (Al Mountakhab).