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CDG Foundation: “Songes de Matières”, the sculpture exhibition

CDG Foundation, which is an incubator and supporter of innovative cultural projects, wanted in 2015 to honour an artistic discipline as a whole, the art of sculpture. Sculpture is a form of artistic creation that has an important place in the national and international art scene, and one that is becoming more and more popular through providing a whole range of options in regard to the use of various kinds of materials.

This exhibition is the first event dedicated exclusively to sculpture by presenting works whose impact lies in their beauty and their mastery of execution. The exhibition at the CDG Espace Expressions goes back to the roots of the materials in order to rise above them. The approach, though convergent, nevertheless remains personal; the sculptures express the art and the sensibility of each of the 12 artists, whose works are on show, weaving bonds of complicity between them and the public around a tangible sharing of essence.

Karim Alaoui, Noureddine Amir, D'Anna Anouchka, Florence Arnold, Souhail Ben Azzouz, Itaf Benjelloun, Bassam Haddad, Adiba Mkinsi, Philippe Pousset, Ilias Selfati, Gerald Valmer and Khalid Al Zemmouri demonstrate that the art of sculpture can be glorious in its capacity to punch through to the intimate in us, to rise above the material and transcend the absolute.