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CDG Foundation: Presentation and Dedication Ceremony for art book “Hommage à Malika Agueznay”

Music intercalated by moving personal accounts marked the Friday, 13 February 2015 at the Presentation and Dedication Ceremony for the book produced in homage to the artist Malika Agueznay and her long and productive artistic career.

The book, produced by the CDG Foundation and the ONA Foundation, is a true retrospective that turns the spotlight on one of the most innovative artists on the Moroccan arts scene and a pioneer, if not the pioneer, for Moroccan women artists.

The art book, a beautiful tribute to the artist's prolific creativity and also to a generosity that was kept discreet, is a return to the journey of her protean and authentic work and to her experience in engraving, the plastic arts and the art of calligraphy. It draws on a rich and varied documentary archive of writings and photographs that enable us to comprehend the artist’s career and her contribution to the development and promotion of Moroccan art.
Malika now has 37 years of artistic creation behind her and has to her credit many exhibitions and events, both in Morocco and elsewhere, all of which have been met with praise and admiration.

At the presentation and dedication ceremony, the members of the artistic diaspora and the public who were present were able to delve into this unprecedented work that will now form part of our country’s cultural heritage. Also, some of those present felt they must contribute their own personal accounts, and express their gratitude and recognition for Malika Agueznay’s work. We were honoured by the lady’s presence at this artistic ceremony held to pay homage to a great woman, Ms. Malika Agueznay, with a beautiful book covering her 37 years of artistic creation.