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Xperis Services

  • Casanearshore Park, Shore 13, 8ème étage, 1100, Boulevard Al Qods, Quartier Sidi Maârouf 20270, Casablanca
  • 05 22 77 75 44
Madaef Branche


Branche Développement Territorial

Madaef Activité

Field of activity

Gestion locative et animation des actifs immobiliers professionnels


Xperis Services carries out the Facility and Property Management activities of the CDG Group's Territorial Development branch. It aims to contribute to the creation of value for public and private operators by allowing them to focus on their core business. The company positions itself as a reference actor, expert and innovator at the service of its clients. Its mission is to help its clients optimise the management of their resources, to implement an expertise as well as a segmented and diversified competitive multi-service offer, to deploy a sustainable customer experience that takes into account the evolution of the economic and social environment with a strong impact on value creation and to develop innovative service lines adapted to the needs of clients.

Flagship projects