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SDS: Signature of a management contract with the Meliá Hotels International group

Mr. Anas Alami Houir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saidia Development Corcporation (SDS), a subsidiary of CDG Group, and Mr. Gabriel Escarrer, Chairman of the Meliá Hotels International Group, on Monday, February 3, 2013 at the headquarters Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion in Rabat, signed a management contract for three new hotel units to be developed in the Med Saidia resort.

The construction of these new hotel units by the Saidia Development Corporation (SDS) is part of the implementation of the development strategy of the Med Saidia resort, which will thus see its accommodation capacity significantly increased by 2000 additional hotel beds for a large investment, estimated at nearly one (1) billion Dirhams overall.

The three new components to be developed, in this case a Club Hotel 150 rooms and suites, a 396 room Beach Hotel, and a Aparthotel of 190 units offer a wide range of hotels within an integrated complex, and enjoy a privileged location on the seafront and around the existing golf course. For this project to succeed, and through the agreement signed today, SDS intends to entrust the management of these hotels to a world leader in seaside tourism, active throughout the world and with an international reputation, namely Meliá Hotels International and the partnership that has been sealed will undoubtedly enhance the development of the Med Saidia resort, its expansion and its attractiveness to the ever-growing number of tourists and visitors to the resort.

Three new hotel units at Med Saidia resort

Three hotel units will be developed by SDS and managed by Meliá Hotels International under the Meliá Hotels & Resorts' brand name:

  • Beach Hotel : This hotel is a 5-star, enjoys an exceptional location, situated adjacent to both beachfront and golf course. Spread over an area of 5.5 ha and with a capacity of 396 rooms, it offers the following amenities: a spa, conference centre, 4 restaurants, 3 bars, a kids club and a beach club. Involving a total investment of 440 million dirhams, the Beach Hotel Meliá is to open in 2016.
  • Family Hotel Club : The Club Hotel, a 5-star, spread over an area of 3.9 hectares, located at the golf course of the resort, will have a capacity of about 150 rooms. This holiday club targets a family, domestic and international clientele looking for a friendly atmosphere and entertainment. It offers a wide range of leisure and enhanced leisure facilities including several pools, playgrounds for children and includes many activities, mainly golf, for adults. Involving a total investment of 200 million dirhams. The Family Club Hotel will open its doors in 2016.
  • Hotel Residence (apartment hotel) : Located on 4.5 hectares of beachfront and backed by the Beach Hotel, this aparthotel includes 190 fully equipped units. This family-friendly product is built to the highest standards and will have all recreational facilities and communal spaces required. It will enrich and diversify the range of the resort, targeting both domestic and foreign customers. Involving a total investment 300 million dirhams, the Hotel Residence will open its doors in 2017.