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Dyar Al Mansour: Partnership with FONDEP

On February 4, a partnership agreement for the financing of reservation fees for access to individual ownership by clients of Dyar Al Mansour was signed between:

    • Dyar Al Mansour, represented by Mr. Abdellatif Hadj Hamou, CEO.
    • FONDEP, represented by Mouatassim Belghazi President.

This innovative solution developed jointly by the two institutions with the technical support of JAIDA funds (Fund financing microfinance institutions in Morocco - CDG Group), is aimed at low-income people. It aims to give them access to individual ownership by allowing them to obtain financing for reservation fees for all projects Dyar Al Mansour in cities of the Kingdom. Dyar Al Mansour's activity is logically integrated urban development, and the promotion and real estate development of it are at the heart of their business, the aim being to enable low-income people access to decently structured social urban housing projects.

For FONDEP (Foundation for Local Development and Partnership), this new product fits into the framework of its mission of financing projects aimed at improving the living conditions of the poor and completes its range of products and services that cover credit financing for housing and finance for income-generating activities and micro-enterprises.

Thus, through this partnership, FONDEP continues its mission of financial, economic and social inclusion for the improvement of many poor people’s lives. Dyar Al Mansour hereby confirmed its role as a socially responsible company, engaged in support for home ownership in Morocco.