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CDG has several companies that undertake tourist developments including apartments, and Tourist Promotion Residences (RIPT) in many destinations, e.g. Saidia, Fez, Lixus, Mazagan, Marrakech, Taghazout or Oued Chbika.

CDG Group operates in various sectors of real estate. Depending on the type desired, it is possible to apply to CGI for luxury residential, MedZ for serviced plots in industrial or sourcing zones, or Dyar Al Mansour for low-income popular housing.

Since 1960, CDG has been a leading player in the fields of real estate and tourism in support of the sectoral policies of the State. Since 2000, CDG has played an important role in the construction of sourcing zones, industrial parks, tourist resorts as well as social housing programs, both low-income and luxury.

The supplemental pension plan is a conventional plan open to members of RCAR. It is intended for members of the general plan with a salary higher than the maximum salary set annually and whose employer has signed the plan membership agreement.

The main rights guaranteed by RCAR for the benefit of its beneficiaries are:


  • Pensions for retirement, disability or death;

  • Savings;

  • Family allowances;

  • Transfer of rights.

Established with a mandatory General Plan (RG) and a conventional Complementary Plan (RC), RCAR has the task to guarantee individual rights in favor of the insured or his successors in respect of old age, disability and death.

Collective Retirement Allowance Plan (RCAR) is a retirement plan with legal personality and financial autonomy, created by Dahir No. 1-77-216 of 4 October 1977 and assigned to be managed by CDG. It covers common law contractual agents, non-incumbent state officials and local authority staff as well as employees of public bodies subject to financial control of the State.

CNRA provides expertise in the management of pension funds in the service of the following partners:


  • Pension AT / CNIA - Saada Assurance;

  • Pension Fund of the Bar of Casablanca;

  • Pension Plan for Members of the House of Representatives;

  • Pension Plan for Members of the House of Councillors;

  • Management of litigation at Collieries of Morocco;

  • Deferred pensions of ONCF, DRAPOR and ODEP;

  • Management of labour funds.

  • RECORE (Complementary Pensions): launched in 1988, RECORE is a supplementary pension product, with voluntary membership, designed to cover certain socio-professional categories not eligible for the basic systems, as well as those having an additional retirement requirement.

  • FRAM (Pension Fund of the Order of Lawyers of Morocco): launched in 1991, FRAM is a product dedicated to the lawyers of Morocco, with the exception of those of Casablanca. It insures benefits on retirement, disability or death to lawyers, whether practising or trainee or their assigns,

CNRA manages two types of annuities:


  • Workmen's Compensation Annuities (AT): the role of CNRA is to receive the capital amount of annuities awarded by legal judgement as compensation for accidents or in common law, and to provide annuities to beneficiaries.

  • Traffic Accidents Annuities (AC): CNRA's mission is to receive as a lump sum the amount of compensation due to victims or their minor dependents, and to distribute it as pensions to beneficiaries.